Nutrition Information As A Weapon Or Tool

As a nutrition professional, I’m aware of the weight of nutrition information. Weaponized, it leaves us with food rules, guilt with eating, and shame about our dietary choices. As a tool, it helps us feel full and energized, satisfied as we move about our lives, and able to have fun and connect with food. 

In this episode, I discuss: my own journey with relearning information, how to discern nutrition research and some common “lenses” through which we hear nutrition information. It’s my job to help answer questions about nutrition and tailor it to your situation and background. Stop guessing and stressing out how you eat. Join me every single week in Realign Community and email me anytime. It’s life-changing and affordable. 

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Aligned Nutrition


Beyond overcoming her own food struggles, Erica is a trusted professional with 10 years of experience helping others realize a life not ruled by food. It takes an expert to personalize solutions and strategies to help you find your path out of obsession to wellness.


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