Inner Child Work and Food Healing with Alyssa Marie Wellness

Negative self talk getting you down? It’s no secret that healing our relationship with food can bring about deeper topics for healing. Since we begin eating as infants, we develop many biological and emotional experiences with food. Which is why we are talking with Alyssa (Lia) Mancao is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, therapist, writer, and a group practice owner based in Sherman Oaks, CA about inner child healing work. 

Be sure to tune in if you feel like you know what you should do but are stuck in patterns of negative self talk. 

Alyssa has been a therapist for a decade working in community mental health, juvenile residential treatment, and in private practice. Her experience as a therapist includes advocacy, and treating clients who experience depression, anxiety, and trauma. In addition to her work as a therapist, she also contributes to various magazine articles addressing self- esteem, coping, and emotional independence.

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