Cultivating Positive Body Image w/the Babesment

Every single person I work with, every single listener of this podcast, anyone I connect with on Instagram – struggle with how do you begin to like your body or at the very least stop hating it? 

The guests I have with me today are both unique but center their work on anyone working through and overcoming struggles in their bodies. 

If you’d like to learn about ways that you can cultivate a resilient body image, check out this episode with Stef and Jules of the Babesment Podcast.

Connect with our guests:

Stef is a body positive photographer – follow her on Instagram @stefstreb and get inspired by her goddess photography sessions with everyday women. 

And Jules is an intuitive eating and body image coach – follow her on Instagram @julie.ohlemacher learn how to see yourself as more than just what you look like or how you feel about yourself. 

They have both dedicated our lives to empowering women to own their bodies and themselves so that they can live their biggest lives. Their podcast the Babesment is one conversation at a time doing just that. 

Work together:

If you’d like to work with a registered dietitian specifically about cultivating a positive body image? Inquire to work with me here:

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