Common Fears Holding You Back From Food Freedom

Not eating enough both predicts and is a result of food obsession. How do you start eating more in order to think about food less? Chances are you have some fears about this. Maybe you find it hard to believe you’re not eating enough and the reason you think about food so much is that you have no willpower. Maybe you know you’re not eating enough but ignore this because you really just hope you can maintain eating less or magically think about food less.

3 Most Common Fears

“I’ll eat more and I already eat more than I want to”

If you’re currently restricting your food intake and eating more than you want at times perhaps eating enough will help you feel more consistent and balanced. Maybe you will eat similar amounts without extreme variations.

After years of not eating enough you are probably out of touch with how much food your body needs. Anything over your “preconceived amount” will feel like “more than you want to eat.”

“I’ll gain weight”

If you gain weight by eating enough then that is the body you are intended to have. Your natural body shape and size is one where you are eating and living in ways that are in line with your values. 

This means if you value having a life outside of eating and working out you’ll need to tolerate and eventually accept your body changes. 

What if gaining five pounds allowed you to have a full life not thinking of food all the time?

“I’ll never stop eating”

It’s normal to think you’ll behave this way. It’s exciting and overwhelming to eat more. There is a concept called “food habituation” which means you habituate and get used to the foods you are eating over time. 

Think about that jacket you wore all last year and got tired of. You still like it and wear it every now and then but it’s not as novel or exciting anymore. Food is the same way. 

What To Do

If you want to think about food less, you need to address your fears and start eating more. If you’re still unsure that you’re not eating enough, check out our post on the topic. Working with a dietitian can help you understand how much food your body needs and debunk the fears holding you back. Dietitians are the trusted experts when it comes to food and nutrition. Many of us hear a lot of information about food and we don’t know what is true and what is not. Click the link in our profile to inquire to become a client. We’d love to help you discover what it feels like to eat enough, address your food beliefs, and start thinking about food less. 

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Beyond overcoming her own food struggles, Erica is a trusted professional with 10 years of experience helping others realize a life not ruled by food. It takes an expert to personalize solutions and strategies to help you find your path out of obsession to wellness.


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